Matt Bird has authored more than twenty books, won a book of the year prize and writes for publications such as The Times newspaper.

Through PublishU Matt coaches over 100 people from around the world every year to write their books and then publish and launch them globally.

Read Matt's Books


Helping churches transform neighbourhoods through public square engagement

Matt's Noto

Your guide to one of Sicily’s greatest cities

The Great Entrepreneur

Overcoming the global cost-of-living crisis


Helping churches transform neighbourhoods

Love Your NAYBA

30 stories of churches transforming neighbourhoods

Visions & Dreams

The Language of the Spirit of God


Helping churches transform neighbourhoods through great community projects


How to live for Jesus free from anxiety about money

The Relationship Book

Transforming relationships in family, business and community

Der Unternehmungsgeist (German Edition)

Hilfe für Unternehmer bei der Umwandlung der Nachbarschaften

El Espiritu Empresarial (Spanish Edition)

Ayudando a los emprendedores a transformar las naciones

L’esprit d’Entreprise (French Edition)

Aider les entrepreneurs à transformer leurs quartiers

A Lot With A Little

Biblical Growth Principles through which God achieves a lot with a little


7 skills to help you build extraordinary relationships to grow your enterprise

The Spirit of Enterprise

Helping churches transform neighbourhoods through enterprise


The relationships that determine our God-given destiny

Grow Your Business

How to build a world-class business one relationship at a time


What is God doing and how do we join in?

Relationology 101

Secrets to grow your business through the power of relationships

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