Despite being in remedial English at school and later being diagnosed as dyslexic, Matt Bird has authored more than seventeen books, won a book of the year prize and writes for publications such as The Times newspaper.

Through PublishU Matt coaches over 100 people from around the world every year to write their books and then publish and market them globally.

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Visions & Dreams

Join us on this adventure of exploring twelve people in the Bible who God gave a vision or dream. What did it mean to them and what does it mean to us today?


This book provides you with the insights, models and templates needed to take the guesswork out of replicating your church-led community project.


Whatever your financial situation, Freedom is written for you. Freedom will walk you through ten steps to enable you to live your life for Jesus free from anxiety about money.

The Relationship Book

The Relationship Book explores 28 Biblical characters and relationship principles drawn from their lives to help you build life-transforming relationships in your family, work and community.

A Lot With A Little

A book about how God loves to work with people who offer him everything they have and then work with them to make it bigger than they ever imagined.


Elevate explores the twelve people God sent into David’s life and how each contributed to his elevation from shepherd boy to king of Israel.


SuperPowers is a book for those who want to build extraordinary relational abilities.

The Spirit of Enterprise

Use this book to guide you through seven steps to starting a small business that transforms you and your neighbourhood.

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business provides 12 essential keys to building a relational ecosystem that will generate a constant stream of business growth opportunities.


Transformation by Matt Bird explores how God is at work around the world to establish the Kingdom of God 'on earth as it is in heaven'.

Relationology 101

Do you believe that building authentic, long-term and high-trust relationships are the key to growing your business? If so this book is for you.

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