Matt Bird is a Christian speaker, author and broadcaster

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"My credo (Latin for statement of belief) is fermenting as I journey through life. I believe God is love, and that to love him and love our neighbour is our greatest achievement. I also believe he despises religion and so should we!"
Matt Bird

Matt has spoken in 50 countries to more than a million people. He is a frequent broadcaster, has authored 20 books and writes for publications such as The Times newspaper.

He is a serial business and social entrepreneur with numerous entrepreneurial failures and successes to his name. For vanity's sake here we will only name a few of the latter... Relationology, NAYBA, PublishU and The Rooftop.

Matt enjoys local food, organic wine, live music, urban fashion, . When he is not travelling he lives between Covent Garden in the heart of London’s West End and Noto on the island of Sicily, Italy.

He communicates with a passion born from life experience, profound understanding and faith in God. The subjects he is invited to speak, write and broadcast about most often are currently...


Matt lives with the conviction that entrepreneurship is the only lasting solution to the cost-of-living crisis, people doing jobs they hate and ending poverty. Everything changed for Matt personally when he decided that to call himself an entrepreneur, started to think entrepreneurial thoughts and launched three enterprises simultaneously. He is convinced that long business plans killing ideas and enterprise and that we should launch and learn rather than plan and perfect. He now has a portfolio of business and social enterprises helping people do things they never thought they could.


A few years ago Matt was invited to speak at a business conference about networking. He explained to the organiser that whilst he loves speaking and he believes we should stop networking and start relationships, and therefore couldn't accept the kind invitation. The organiser immediately asked Matt to speak on that subject and subsequently created 'Relationology' about the art, science and study of relationships. He is now a world renowned for his work driving business development and also diversity and inclusion through the power of relationships.


At school Matt was placed in remedial English classes, told he couldn't do computer studies because his English wasn't good enough and left school believing he was stupid because thats what most of his teachers told him. He since discovered he is dyslexic which helped him appreciate one of the reasons why he struggled so much at school. Since that time he has overcome low self-belief and recognised that what he first thought was his disadvantage into his advantage. Despite everything Matt has authored 20 books and coaches 100 people a year to become globally published authors too. He is now a champion for dyslexia and neurodiversity.


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Matt Bird