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Matt Bird

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Matt Bird is a high-impact speaker known for inspiring his audiences to believe in themselves and take action to achieve new results for themselves and their organisation.

He has spoken to more than a million people in fifty countries and his clients include: Soho House, The Times, Home Office, Metropolitan Police, PwC, Paypal, Federal Reserve Bank and Investec, BMW and Volkswagen.

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The subjects that Matt is invited to speak about most often are...

Relationology: Growth through Relationships

Do you love networking or find it a bit grubby and distasteful? Matt talks about his passion for cultivating genuine relationships that fuel a continuous stream of new opportunities and result in business growth.
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Dyslexic by Design: Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Are dyslexia and neurodiversity disadvantages or advantages in life and work? Matt talks about practical strategies for creating an inclusive environment where individuals, regardless of neurotype, can thrive and drive innovation and performance.
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The 100-Day Book Challenge: From idea to manuscript

Do you believe you have a book inside you, or perhaps a library? Matt talks about how he overcame being in remedial English classes at school and how we can overcome our obstacles, whatever they may be, to become a globally published author.
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Yes I Can: Overcoming self-doubt and unleashing self-belief

Do you know you are worth more than you think and can achieve more than you can imagine? Matt talks about how to silence your gremlins and unlock your personal power to achieve the very things you once thought were impossible.
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Empowering Enterprise: Unleashing a culture of innovation

Do you want to encourage the brightest and the best new ideas and business solutions? Matt talks about his passion for launching and learning new ideas, rather than planning and perfecting them to the grave, and how you can unleash a culture of creativity.
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Salt and Pepper: A story of ethnic diversity

Are you prejudiced, or do you treat everyone exactly as they deserve? Matt talks about building a relationship with someone quite unlike him and how that changed his world and can change yours, too.
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Matt Bird
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