May 24, 2023

Leaders of leaders write

The mantra 'leaders read' expresses a leader's ongoing commitment to personal learning and development. As a leader we have never 'arrived’' we are on a continuous journey of personal development.

Leaders read, but I also believe that leaders of leaders write! When you become a published author your gravitas increases, you are perceived as being an authority on the subject you have written about. You become a thought leader, influencer and leader of leaders.

There are many motivations and reasons for writing a book. You may want to become that thought leader and influencer or build the brand of your organisation, launch a book and course combination, generate an additional income stream or all of the above – and more besides.

If you believe you have a particular story to tell or a message to communicate, one of the most powerful things you can do is write a book. Even if others have written on the subject previously, your life story brings a unique voice and perspective to the subject. You also have your own audience who will buy your book, who won’t buy someone else’s, simply because you have written it.

When doing anything for the first time, it will always save you a lot of time and pain to get the advice and help of someone who has done it before. Never could that be more needed than when you invest yourself in writing a book.

I have now written 19 books and will write many more. What gives me even more fulfilment than writing another book is to help someone else realise their dream to pen theirs. Through the Writing My Book course I now coach over 100 people a year to become published authors. Eight out of ten of my students complete their book manuscript within the 100-day course!

A recent graduate said, “I never thought I would write a book, let alone in 100-days, but I have. Now I’m asking what else have I told myself I cannot do that I can.”

If you believe God has called you to be a leader then read – but if God has called you to be a leader of leaders then write!

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Matt Bird