April 9, 2023

Wishing you a 'preneurial' Happy Easter

Easter and the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus is all about new beginnings.

I wonder if today might be a new beginning for you as a ‘preneur’?

A ‘preneur’ is someone who ‘takes’ a risk to create something out of nothing, or make a lot with a little or bring something back to life.

‘Preneurs’ come in all different shapes and sizes, here are my top ten…

  • Entrepreneur: A person who launches a new business by creating new societal value in order to generate fiscal value.

  • Solopreneur: A freelance worker who builds a personal reputation for what they do and builds a one-person portfolio or enterprise.

  • Intrapreneur: An employee of an organisation who takes, or is given, responsibility to create and innovate.

  • Sidepreneur: A worker who develops a ‘side hustle’ business alongside their main work in order to create an additional income.

  • Socialpreneur: A pioneer of a new venture motivated by social impact and whose profits are reinvested into that cause (see NAYBA).

  • Pastorpreneur: A church leader who pioneers planting a new church or significant community initiative.

  • Parentpreneur: A mum or dad who creates and runs their business from home in order to support their family.

  • Kidpreneur, Youngpreneur or Seniorpreneur: A person of a particular age or stage who brings childlike innocence, youthful passion or mature experience and relationships to starting a new business.

  • Lifestylepreneur: A person who starts a business motivated primarily by lifestyle rewards rather than monetary rewards.

  • Authorpreneur: A person who launches and grows a business for themselves around becoming a published author (see PublishU).

There are many other ‘preneurs’… infopreneur, e-preneur, ecopreneur, localpreneur, startuppreneur, techpreneur, propertypreneur (see Noto Italy) that might fit you.

The most important question this Easter Sunday - the day of new beginnings - is what sort of ‘preneur’ would you like to become?

Or maybe today is the day when the ‘preneurial’ dreams you have been having for a long time come back to life?

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Matt Bird